Recently, an acquaintance of mine asked if I could make her a few pieces that are somewhat steampunk/Victorian. I made a couple of hats and chokers.





Simple necklaces and Bracelets

Lately, I’ve been very interested in simple necklaces and bracelets. Understated and elegant.  I love the round “karma” necklace, the long, thin silver tube and lastly, the baby bird silver or gold bracelet. Perfect for summer and could be worn at work or when having a special evening.



Old Dolls/New Lease on Life

This doll is also from a thrift store. She had alot of work done by me. When I found her, she had mold on her dress and she was quiet dirty. I cleaned up the dress. Shampooed the hair and moisturized it. I think she looks great.

The rocking horse was hand painted by me (also a thrift store find) and it seems to fit her somehow.

1This is a doll that I found at a thrift store, it is amazing how a little cleaning and some mending can do for an old doll like this. The dress needed some deep cleaning, but it is her original dress. The hair was very matted and dirty, but with some shampooing and some light moisturizing, it is manageable.

Add some light cosmetic colors and you have a new doll with a history. 1

Been away, now here are some new things……

Due to some unpleasant family issues, I took some time off. Things have gotten better and I’m designing again. I’ve been working on some really interesting pieces. One of my favorites is a chain maille necklace that can also be shortened to be a bracelet.6

I really love this necklace. I made a similar pattern for a bracelet for a friend and it was in black coated copper.


The next thing that I’ve been working on is a doll (of course). I copied this doll from a 34

doll that I’ve seen at an estate sale. It is porcelain with a black and gold dress. I didn’t make the dress because I can’t sew, lol, but a friend made it. I think it looks wonderful on the doll.

The next doll is another copy of a doll from the same estate sale. I loved her look because she reminded me of the old immigrant pictures on Ellis Island. The doll is wearing a pink satin dress, has pink roses in her hair and she is also porcelain with a black shawl.


I will be posting more pictures of dolls soon. Please leave me some comments and let me know what you think!


My close friend runs a charity in our town to provide prom dresses to less privileged girls. I do a lot of the “grunt work” because I have no fashion sense, lol. So, if anyone is interested in either donating a used current fashion prom dress or want to help a girl in need through email, etc. to put her look together, make up, dress, etc. Please get in touch with me. Thank you!!